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  1. PROVISION OF THE SERVICES: The operator shall supply the Services described in the relevant handbook on a non-exclusive, self-employed basis to Livelines UK LTD. The services shall be supplied to the best skill and ability of the Operator. Livelines UK LTD shall be under no obligation at any time to supply the services.
  2. LOYALTY: The Operator will not promote, sell or in any way discuss other services or products with users of Livelines UK or any other third party. Any Supplier found to be promoting or selling unauthorized services or products on the service will have their Contract terminated. LiveLines UK Ltd may also be liable to claim for loss of profits arising from their actions.
  3. PAYMENT: Shall be calculated based on the current pay scale as described below. Livelines UK will produce a Fortnightly revenue statement which will be uploaded to the operator’s online login section.

  4. Payment schedule for Adult ChatLine Operator Calls

    Service UK USA Canada Australia
    Adult Chat Calls £0.14 GBP per minute $0.17 USD per minute $0.23 CAD per minute $0.22 AUD per minute
    Party Chat Calls £0.10 GBP per minute $0.12 USD per minute $0.16 CAD per minute $0.16 AUD per minute

    Payment schedule for Psychic & Tarot Operator Calls

    Service UK Normal Rate UK Higher Rate Calls USA Normal Rate Calls USA Higher Rate Calls
    Tarot & Psychic Calls £0.16 GBP per minute £0.21 GBP per minute $0.20 USD per minute $0.26 USD per minute

    The rates for international operators are a guide only as conversion rates do go up and down. To convert the UK rate into your currency, please visit:

    Please note that your revenue statement will show your revenue in British Pounds. Also, your call times and log on hours will be shown in British time, GMT.

    Operator revenues are calculated by the amount of talk time minutes they generate on the service (s) minus the first minute of each call. Revenues are paid fortnightly via your chosen payment method. We charge each Operator a one off £10 Admin Fee; this is deducted from the Operator’s first revenue payment.

  5. TERMINATION: This Agreement may be terminated by Livelines UK immediately in writing or by a telephone call from a manager to the Operator. The Operator may terminate this agreement forthwith immediately in writing or via a telephone call to Livelines UK LTD. LiveLines UK Ltd can terminate this agreement at any time if the regulations we have stipulated have not been adhered to by the Operator.
  6. COPYRIGHT: All and any rights of Copyright, Design, Patent, Trademarks or any other Intellectual Property Rights or any Voice Recordings, Text-Chat messages or webcam images created by the Operator are hereby as beneficial owner assigned to Livelines UK LTD free of charge. All live calls are recorded.
  7. CONFIDENTIALITY: Both Livelines UK LTD and the Operator have a duty to keep confidential all information given or gained in confidence. The Operator agrees not to either during the appointment or after its termination disclose to anyone any confidential information concerning the affairs of Livelines UK LTD. LiveLines UK Ltd will keep all information strictly confidential and will only disclose information to recognized Authorities, if requested.
  8. TAXATION: Livelines UK LTD shall have no liability for any TAX, National Insurance or similar Payments in respect of the sums paid by Livelines UK LTD to the Operator. The Operator will keep Livelines UK LTD indemnified against any claim for Taxation or National Insurance Contributions (including Interest and Penalties) or any similar Taxes or Levies arising because of the payments made by Livelines UK LTD to the Operator.
  9. Phone-Paid Service Authority: The supplier warrants that they have read the relevant and up to date handbook including the extracts from the current Code of Practice, and all requirements of the Code of Practice are understood. The Operator shall comply with all requirements of the Code of Practice always. Full and complete copies of the code are available upon request or available at The Operator must be terminated a call straight away if they believe the caller is an obvious minor (under18 years old).
  10. AGE: The Operator warrants that at the time of entering this Agreement with Livelines UK LTD that they are over the age of eighteen years old.
  11. INDEMNITY: The Operator shall indemnify Livelines UK LTD, against any Claims, Demands, Expenses or Liabilities which Livelines UK LTD may incur arising out of the Services performed by the Operator.
  12. LAW: This Agreement shall be constructed in accordance with the Laws of England and the High Courts of Justice in London shall be the Sole Courts of Competent Jurisdiction.
  13. PERSONAL DETAILS: You confirm that you have provided LiveLines UK with valid and correct details. You agree that you are applying with your real name and that you have supplied the correct Date of Birth.

By signing this agreement, you agree that you are entering into a self-employment contract offering Operator services to LiveLines UK Ltd on a non-exclusive basis. You agree that you are not an employee of LiveLines UK Ltd and that all tax and national insurance contributions will be paid by yourself. By signing below, you agree to all terms of the contract and that you have read and understood the relevant handbook.

Saturday 13th August 2022

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